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Nolan’s Rendezvous Fruit de Mer

  1. 30g mackerel fillet
  2. 30g cod fillet
  3. 30g organic salmon
  4. 30g hake fillet
  5. 30g smoked coley fillet
  6. 30g mussel meat
  7. 30g cold water prawns
  8. 2 asparagus tips
  9. 1 dill sprig
  10. 30g rice
  11. 10 g onion / shallot
  12. 1g chives
  13. 25g butter
  14. 50ml cream
  15. 25ml white wine
  16. 25ml fish stock
  17. tt salt
  18. tt pepper (*tt = to taste)
Cooking Time: 20 mins
Serves: 1
  1. prepare fish and cut into  30 g pieces
  2. pan fry the mackerel  cod, salmon and hake
  3. cook for 2-3 minutes and remove and rest
  4. poach off the smoked Coley
  5. sweat off the chopped onion and add the rice
  6. cook for 15 minutes , add herb and butter
  7. season to taste with salt and pepper

Chive sauce
Sweat of shallots and herb trimmings. 
Add fish stock and wine. 
Reduce by half and add cream. 
Bring to the boil and reduce. 
Add chopped chives and lemon juice. 
Season to taste.

To dress plate
Place the cooked rice in a mold in the center of the plate.
Dress the five different pieces of fish around the rice mold. 
Spoon over the rich chive creamy sauce. 
Add the warm mussels and prawns and garnish with asparagus tips and fresh tender dill.

Fish cookery tips
The selection of fish takes only a short time to cook as it is a very tender protein and need very little cooking.
This dish is a meeting of Nolan’s quality fresh fish selection.
It brings together a rich selection of Irish seafood embraced with a rich creamy chive sauce and complemented with the savory garnished rice.