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Journey of Our Salmon


Sometimes referred to as the 'King of Fish', Atlantic salmon is the fish we serve to you with pride and passion. The crystal clear waters off the west coast of Ireland and Scotland provide a fish that is rich in flavor and texture and as fresh as the sea breeze that sweeps in from the Atlantic. It’s also wordy to note that the oil composition of salmon has recently been evaluated as superior to other fish not only because of its rich omega-3 content, but also because of its great ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s and its health-supportive balance of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats.

Having superior fresh Salmon is only half the story. The other half of the Nolans Smoked Salmon story is what we do with the Salmon; the tradition, the dedication and the craft.



The Salmon is filleted – head, bones and unwanted material removed. The resulting fillets are then trimmed according to required specification and then air dried for 4 to 8 hours prior to curing.


We have, over the years, developed our own individual cure for the salmon. It's a slow traditional hand cured method using salt and raw cane sugar, unique to Nolans. It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours for a larger fish to obtain the right cure. This is a far slower way than most of our counterparts but we believe that it produces a superior product. The slow cure results in more weight loss but creates a more succulent, soft textured fish. We give our Salmon that most precious of ingredients – time!


The salt and sugar is then washed off and dried for a further 12 - 24 hours prior to smoking. This part of the process causes considerable weight loss but it is essential for the maximum absorption of the oak / beech smoke and aids post smoke carving of the fillets.


Traditionally the salmon was hung in chimneys and smoked with beech and oak wood chippings. This provided a delicious aromatic flavour to the fish. However as it was a manual process it was difficult to ensure consistency of the product due to fluctuating temperatures. Modernisation has solved all of this. In our state of the art facility, we smoke the salmon to 23 to 26oC in our controlled Torrey kilns for up to 10 hours, ensuring that every batch of fish gets the same treatment. The smoking process takes place within a fusion of beech and oak chippings creating that rich smoky flavor of top quality Smoked Salmon.


After smoking the fish is then blast chilled to 3 – 5oC within 5 hours prior to entering the slicing area, which is a high care area. Here, it is hand sliced or machine sliced into different sizes depending on the specification. We only take the centre-cut of the fish, which means that there are no small slices, only large ones.


The fish is then super-chilled to 0C, vacuum packed to retain freshness and then placed in insulated boxes ready to be shipped anywhere in the world by plane, train and automobile. Everything is traceable by batch number and our quality system is computer controlled. We pack slices and also whole sides, for those of you with big appetites! (or large families!)


Nolans smoked salmon ships anywhere in the world. Our customers live in Europe, the Middle East, the US and Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong. Our salmon journeys everywhere! Many of our customers are repeat customers going back for over 40 years. Our Salmon is held in high esteem by our customers and this is exemplified by one of them who sadly passed away not too long ago; the gentleman in question requested that up to 30 members of his family are to receive Smoked Salmon at Christmas time – all paid for from a family trust.


  • Our journey from the past to the present

  • Learn why our salmon is so special

  • How you can use our seafood in your kitchen


  • "Having just eaten some of your smoked salmon I feel I must just write to let you know what excellent quality it was. I have never tasted any so good. "

    Eric Browning, Warwickshire
  • "I live a long way from my home town of Dublin and don't get a chance to come back for Christmas often. Your beautiful Smoked Salmon was delivered promptly and impressed everyone! My family loved the delicious salmon, and there was nothing but rave reviews! Thank-you so much for your fantastic salmon and great customer service!"

    John O’Neill, Bangkok